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The pandemic that forced us home for a long time made us rediscover the joy of small things without giving up however to a touch of elegance or glamor.

In this period, Titanus worked hard  to achieve  innovative solutions to make wool items even easier to wear and, above all, to treat.

This is how the WASHABLE line of fabrics was conceived: fine fabrics of pure virgin wool that can be easily washed at home in the washing machine  and  suitable for the most varied  fashion uses, from the most classic of fresh wool to twill to gabardine with a more technical aspect, to satisfy every need in terms of application and wearability.

The new Autumn – Winter 21/22 collection is finally ready !

This time we really did our best as in addition to our traditional classics we established new partnerships that aim to renew our woolen product with alternative finishing and new innovation.

Thanks to our partners we enlarged our range of ready to dye fabrics, which give infinite possibilities of garment dyeing effects, ranging from the double dyeing to the laser erosion, for fashionable and innovative results.

This year we also added to our range a series of classic articles but bonded on the reverse with waterproof membranes or jersey which allows us to increase the usage and application of our fabrics.

The result is technical, younger in aspect warm but light, suitable for jackets and also for coats and above all fitting in with the other fabrics in our collection for either inserts or different blocking

In our “ collection “ section it is possible to see all these fabrics.

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This unusual year 2020 stopped our lives and our work but also allowed us to think about the new opportunities and possibilities the world is now offering.

This year, where travel is strictly limited if not even forbidden, on the contrary did not limit us but opened our mind to look for new perspectives

So with this in mind we are happy to present our new website.
Our team worked hard to make this website, rich in information so that it can be a useful resource for all valuable customers and partners.
We have chosen a simple but immediate design, with limited but essential information for a practical and quick navigation giving you the possibility to better know our company.

For this reason looking in the “about us” section you will have a precise idea about who we are and what we do.

In our new blog section and in our new Linkedin page we will also publish all the events, news and ideas from the world of fashion

To quickly reach all our customers we also created the Collections section where it will be possible to see all our fabrics and choose the designs suitable for your needs.

Enjoy the experience !

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