5-HTP and Alcohol Side Effects of Mixing the Two

Therefore, some alternative medicine proponents claim that consumption of 5-HTP can help promote weight loss by keeping your appetite in check and, in turn, reducing your food intake. It’s important to know that alcohol can interact with the 5HTP and reduce its effectiveness. So it’s best to allow at least six hours to pass between taking 5HTP and drinking alcoholic beverages. The amino acid tryptophan, which the body uses to make 5-HTP, can be found in turkey, chicken, milk, potatoes, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, turnip and collard greens, and seaweed. A few small studies have investigated whether 5-HTP can help people lose weight. In one study, those who took 5-HTP ate fewer calories, although they were not trying to diet, compared to those who took placebo.

The healthy research comparison participants need to be free of medical, neurological, and psychiatric illness. They should not meet criteria for alcohol or substance abuse, and cannot have a history of such use placing them in questionable diagnostic categories. They also undergo magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain and complete questionnaires on their alcohol and drug history. CBT is a finite treatment, usually consisting of six to eight sessions, but the diet and lifestyle changes are ongoing, if I want to remain above the surface. It is not easy to accept that, for me, depression is not merely a response to a particular event, but part of me, something that will have to be controlled rather than cured, and that I can never be certain it wouldn’t return.

Since 5 HTP increases serotonin production, it can interact with alcohol. Find out how alcohol and 5 HTP may interact in the body and what to do to avoid any serious side effects of this interaction. This means identifying symptoms in each category and doing a trial of each respective amino acid, starting low and increasing based on symptom resolution. Because initial alcohol intake increases serotonin activity, combining excessive amounts 5-HTP and alcohol may contribute to symptoms of serotonin toxicity. If you are taking 5-HTP in an effort to boost your serotonin levels, it may be counterproductive to drink, seeing as how alcohol will lower serotonin levels. Most medications given for alcoholism involve increasing the availability of serotonin in the brain.

HTP and Alcohol

A follow-up study, which compared 5-HTP to placebo during a diet and non-diet period, found that those who took 5-HTP lost about 2% of body weight during the non-diet period and another 3% when they dieted. However, doses used in these studies were high, and many people experienced side effects such as nausea. If you are seriously overweight, see your health care provider before taking any weight-loss aid. Remember that you will need to change your eating and exercise habits to lose more than a few pounds. It has been studied for its effects on the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but has not been studied as an aid to stop people from drinking.

5 htp and alcohol

Besides, not all the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are due to changes in the serotonin pathway. The GABA system is even more involved in alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is treated by several medications including centrally active drugs such as antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines, eco sober house ma barbiturates, and even low doses of alcohol. Long-term use of alcohol allows the body to develop tolerance and physical dependence on the psychoactive agent. Therefore, when alcohol consumption is reduced or stopped, alcohol withdrawal syndrome occurs. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) reduced ethanol intake in laboratory rats.

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However, it is not recommended to use 5-HTP and alcohol together as there may be increased risk of side effects. The use of 5-HTP is useful for trying to overcome alcohol dependence or prevent alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is advisable to take 5-HTP at least 6 hours before consuming alcohol. The results of combining 5-HTP and alcohol is relatively hard to predict due to the complexity of alcohol’s effects and the diversity in different people’s chemistry. Long-term use of alcohol causes tolerance and physical dependence to develop.

5 htp and alcohol

Those GABA receptors could be on a variety of neurons, including serotonergic, and could cause any number of chain of events that increase or decrease signaling depending. This is why pretty much any drug that acts on the CNS will have a warning to not mix with alcohol. Though there are a couple of sources of 5-HTP in nature, it is predominantly synthesized by the body from L-Tryptophan and then later converted to Serotonin.


Short-term effects of alcohol following intoxication include nausea and vomiting. Some individuals naturally produce low levels of Serotonin, or have slowed Serotonin production. However, Serotonin cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, and therefore directly supplementing with Serotonin is not effective at improving imbalances in the brain. In these cases, supplemental forms of 5-HTP may aid in the production and stimulation of Serotonin levels in the brain. 5-HTP is naturally produced when Tryptophan is broken down in the liver.

  • Dopamine/serotonin releasers as medications for stimulant addictions.
  • I am also given a chart of nutritional supplements to take morning and evening, which includes fish oil, multivitamin, digestive enzymes, probiotics and – most interestingly – an amino acid I had never heard of called 5-HTP.
  • Combining the use of 5-HTP with alcohol drinking is not recommended as there may be interactions in their mechanisms of action.
  • Avoid in individuals with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to 5-HTP.
  • Long-term use of alcohol causes tolerance and physical dependence to develop.
  • Serotonin receptors contribute to the release of inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters including GABA and dopamine which are also affected by alcohol.

That’s because the alcohol consumed counteracts the function of the SSRIs, thus allowing those symptoms to become present again. Photo by Adam Wilson on UnsplashIf you had a fun night out at the weekend, with maybe a little too much to drink, then chances are that you not only feel a physical but also a mental hangover, with a slightly bad mood. While 5-HTP is by no means a ‘cutting’ supplement or a magic bullet, it does help to produce a subtle decrease in appetite.

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All of these side effects of alcohol consumption are signs of low serotonin levels in the brain. Therefore, experts believe that increasing serotonin activity in the brain can improve the side effects of alcohol. Because alcohol reduces the level of serotonin, chronic alcohol intake, or alcoholism may also cause other problems related to chronic low levels of serotonin. Therefore, alcoholism usually occurs with other medical problems such as sleep disorders, fatigue, and depression. Alcohol is a stimulant that affects the serotonin pathway in the brain.

In light of the concern related to eosinophilia myalgia syndrome , use of 5-HTP should be supervised by a qualified healthcare provider. The results of numerous studies in humans suggest that 5-HTP may aid in the treatment of depression. However, it is not known whether 5-HTP is as effective as commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs.

Chris Elkins worked as a journalist for three years and was published by multiple newspapers and online publications. Chris has a master’s degree in strategic communication and a graduate certificate in health communication. If you experience any of these side effects after taking alcohol and 5-HTP, call 911 immediately. Avoid in patients with a known allergy to 5-HTP-containing products. Signs of allergy to 5-HTP may include rash, itching, or shortness of breath.

Use cautiously in patients with existing gastrointestinal disorders, as 5-HTP may cause worsening of symptoms. For obesity, 8 milligrams per kilogram of body weight or 750–900 milligrams has been taken by mouth daily. For cerebellar ataxia, 10–16 milligrams per kilogram of body weight has been taken by mouth daily.

Can 5-HTP help me lose weight?

Researchers believe 5-HTP led people to feel more full after eating, so they ate less. Studies suggest that high doses of 5-HTP may help people with various types of headaches, including migraines. However, the evidence is mixed, with other studies showing no effect. Although acetaldehyde causes serious side effects, it appears to be important to the dopamine system.

I am also given a chart of nutritional supplements to take morning and evening, which includes fish oil, multivitamin, digestive enzymes, probiotics and – most interestingly – an amino acid I had never heard of called 5-HTP. Combinations https://rehabliving.net/ can lead to too much serotonin in the brain or serotonin toxicity, also called serotonin syndrome. Preliminary studies indicate that 5-HTP may work as well as certain antidepressant drugs to treat people with mild-to-moderate depression.

With 17, science-based all natural mood balancing ingredients, Transzen maximizes happiness by optimizing brain health. 5-HTP is the most common and effective supplement that people take to boost their serotonin. If your goal is to boost your serotonin, you should take a supplement that contains all 3 ingredients that you body needs to make it. The transition back to life outside of rehab is fraught with the potential for relapse. Avoid in pregnant or breastfeeding women, due to a lack of available scientific evidence. 5-HTP products may contain contaminants or increase levels of prolactin, a hormone needed for milk production.

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